What is Flipgrid?

What is it?

A web-based tool for teaching staff to create interactive grids, where each grid is a message board with a posted topic and students can post video responses that appear in the tiled grid display. 

Grids can be shared with classes and small groups of students. Grids are unlimited in the number of topics they can hold and responses can be unlimited. Grid topics can be text-based questions or contain media such as images, animated images or video.

Participating students can use the Flipgrid app or website with any device that includes a camera or by uploading a previously recorded video. The learners thus share their short videos with you and the broader group. The teacher can set the time limit on video responses, from 15 seconds to five minutes.

Teachers can also allow students to record replies to classmates' responses. There are a variety of moderation features teachers can turn on or off per topic. A "CoPilot" feature allows multiple teachers to moderate grids.

For additional teacher support there is a help centre and online teacher communities, providing shared grid templates and the "GridPals" forum for discussion with other educators worldwide.

It is possible to customise the security settings to ensure student privacy.

This is a simple, good method for giving students an opportunity to share opinions through video with each other.

What do I use it for?

You can use Flipgrid to host class conversations by assigning questions to be completed by students outside of formal sessions. Using the grid format allows you to collect a range of student responses on a particular topic.

Teachers can moderate grids by toggling peer replies and apply filters and social media emotional responses to tailor the experience to fit the pedagogical need.

This can be a great tool for engagement as seeing and hearing student video responses can be a entertaining way of discussing ideas. The visual design is user-friendly and modern.

How do I access it?

This software can accessed from the Flipgrid website. It is free to use once you register. There are options to register via an existing account on a cloud system, e.g. Microsoft or Google.

Students can immediately join the discussion without needing to register. They can instantly attach website links to support their video comments. Introductory videos help students to get up-to-speed.

Further Information and Support

You can find out more about the software on the Flipgrid website.

IT will offer limited support for this in the first instance, but Flipgrid provide a help centre, which can offer primary software support: https://help.flipgrid.com/hc/en-us.