Remote Connection to your Laptop via WVD General

Follow the below guidance If you have been asked to remotely login to a new laptop that is being prepared for delivery.


Important: Please only follow these instructions if you have been asked to remotely login to a new laptop that is being prepared for delivery. 

I haven't received my laptop yet, so I can't login to it

As part of the set-up process for new laptops, you need to login to your laptop whilst it is still connected to the University wired network (before the laptop is delivered to you). This is essential in order to create your user account and to setup the encryption software. Without this, you won't be able to login to your laptop. Normally this is done in person as part of the set-up process, but under the current circumstances, we need you to connect remotely before we can post your laptop out to you.

How do I know that the request is genuine and not a phishing scam?

The message you will have received will have come via a ServiceNow e-mail (from IT Service Desk '') or via Microsoft Teams message from one of the on-site support team. You can verify that a ServiceNow message is genuine by navigating to '' into your web browser, then selecting 'Login' (using your university credentials) and then clicking 'Requests' at the top of the screen. A request matching you ServiceNow laptop email should be in your list of open requests.

I don't have access to a computer in order to remotely login to my laptop

You should be able to do this via 'Windows Virtual Desktop' (WVD) on a mobile device, instead. You can access 'Windows Virtual Desktop' (WVD) from most smartphones and tablets by installing the 'Microsoft Remote Desktop' app from your chosen app store. The instructions for setting up the smartphone apps are very similar to those below. There are also several clusters open if you are able to travel to campus. You can find a full list here: 'Cluster Information'. If you're still unable to access a device in order to remotely connect, then please let us know and we will look at alternative options for you.

I need lots of software installing on my laptop

You can install a range of software by typing "Software Center" (US spelling) into the search bar once logged into your laptop. If you need any additional software, then please inform the person who is setting up your laptop.

Important: Due to the number of laptops that we need to set-up each week for people, we can spend a maximum of 30 minutes installing additional software for you. If anything additional is required, then this can be installed by our remote support team once you are in possession of your laptop.

How soon do I need to login to my laptop?

Please make every effort to login to your laptop within 24 hours of receiving the request to do so. This will help prevent any delays to either yourself or others who are waiting to be sent equipment. Your laptop will be left connected so you can login at any time. If you are unavailable for any reason, please let us know so we can re-allocate the space to setting up your laptop for another user.

How do I remotely login to my laptop?

In order to remotely connect to an onsite university laptop or PC please follow the steps shown below.

1. Log in to 'WVD General'. If you haven't done this before, follow the instructions at Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Installation or Browser Access.

2. Use the search field (next to the Start Button) to find and open "Remote Desktop Connection".

3. When "Remote Desktop Connection" completes loading, it will ask you for a PC/Laptop name. Simply enter the computer name you have been provided with and then click connect.

Remote Desktop Connection login

Once logged into your laptop, please open Outlook to set up your e-mail. Type "Software Center" (US spelling) into the search bar and use this to install any addition software applications that you may require.
Important: After completing the above process, please either reply to the ServiceNow e-mail or send a message via Teams and we will arrange for your laptop to be sent to you. If you need any assistance, then please don't hesitate to contact the person who is setting up your laptop.

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