Why does my account keep getting locked out?

Universities are being targeted by phishing and hackers more than ever before. As part of our security measures to protect you and your data, we have decreased the number of times you can give an incorrect password before your account is locked. 

This often happens because changed your password recently and the email or Wi-Fi on your phone, laptop or other device is trying to use your old password.

Some examples:

I've removed all my saved passwords, but I still keep getting locked out

If you have changed or removed all your saved passwords, including on all devices accessing eduroam, it is possible you have used someone else’s device and have saved your old password on this device, possibly accidentally, for example if you accessed your email or eduroam on their device. This may be difficult to track down. It is also possible that your account has been compromised. 

If you have been through ALL the other possibilities given above and your account is still getting locked out then contact the IT Service Desk via the IT website or by phoning 0113 343 3333 and log a request for assistance.

How can I stop it happening in future? 

Whenever you change your password, update it immediately on your computer, phone and anywhere else you access your University account or use to connect to eduroam. 

Make sure that you have registered for the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) service. If your account gets locked you can unlock it using this service. If you haven’t already done this do it now!