Microsoft Teams Meeting Attendance Report

Meeting organisers can view and download a meeting attendance report during and after a meeting within Microsoft Teams. Organisers can download the report as a .CSV file (text format).

For teaching staff, this report is useful to track student attendance in online classes. For example, the teacher can download the attendance report at the start of class as a simple way to do a "roll call."

Teams meeting attendance reports 

A meeting attendance report can downloaded either during a meeting or after a meeting by the meeting organiser only. 

The report can then be opened using Excel or Notepad. The information that is included in the report varies depending on whether the attendance report has been downloaded during the meeting or after. Further information on this can be found further down in this article. 

How do I download the meeting attendance report during the meeting?

As the meeting organiser, you can download this report in the Participants pane during the meeting. Click the 3 dots ... next to participants then clicking download attendance list button arrow as shown below. 

screen shot showing how to access attendance meeting report

The report will download as a .CSV file (text format) file type which will open in Excel. (If the file does not open automatically, check the "Downloads Folder" on your computer for the .CSV file)

Please note you can only download this type of attendance report during the meeting, you will not be able to access it after the meeting has ended. 

What does the meeting attendance report exported during a meeting look like? 

The meeting attendance report shows the name, action and timestamp. 

attendance report csv extract

For more information on downloading a meeting attendance report during a meeting please see the Microsoft guidance here.  

Can I download the report after the meeting?

Rolling out from March 2021, Microsoft have introduced new functionality that allows the meeting organiser to download an attendance report from the meeting once the meeting is over. 

Depending on how the meeting has been set up will depend on where the organiser can access the file from.

If the meeting has been set up within a Channel in a Team the 'click here to download attendance report' option will appear as a comment under the meeting post for only the meeting organiser to see and access. 

If the meeting has been set up outside of a Channel/Team the organiser can find the report by: 

Navigating to calendar in Teams

Double clicking into the meeting in question

Clicking on the 'chat' tab at the top (next to the meeting name)

Then selecting 'click here to download attendance report'

What does the meeting attendance report during a meeting look like? 

This report includes the total number of participants, meeting title, meeting start and end time, the pull name of the attendees, their join and leave time, the duration of their attendance, their email address and their role. Please see an example report below.

Only the meeting organiser will see the Attendance Report. The recording, transcript and participant list will be grouped together in the chat if the meeting is recorded. 

Further information on this feature can be found on the Microsoft website.