What is Microsoft Viva Insights?

What is it?

Viva Insights (formerly MyAnalytics) is a productivity tool in Microsoft 365 – a ‘fitness tracker for work’. It is completely private to you and is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

Viva Insights shows you patterns in your working day and week (from your Microsoft 365 data), such as how much time you spend in meetings. It suggests ways to work smarter and how you might improve your work–life balance. 

Who can use it?

Viva Insights is available to all University staff. 

Do I have to use it?

No, you choose if you use Viva Insights or not. The Microsoft privacy guides explains how to opt out.

Why use Viva Insights?

Viva Insights can help you to:

Viva Insights can help you improve your time management, build helpful habits and suggest ways you could work smarter.

How exactly does it work?

Viva Insights uses artificial intelligence (AI) to summarise existing Microsoft 365 data about your emails, meetings, calls and chats, and presents this back to you. Read more about data collection and storage in Data privacy.

The parts of Viva Insights

You can use some or all the parts of Viva Insights, according to your needs. Explore the different parts with the Microsoft guides (linked below).

Popular things you can do

In the Teams app or on the web you can set your virtual commute to help you disconnect from work at the end of the day. It includes things like:

You can also Send praise to recognise colleagues’ contributions – in a private chat or a Teams channel. You can also set yourself praise reminders to build the habit.

How do I access Viva Insights?

You can access Viva Insights in a number of ways:

  1. From the web. Go to https://insights.viva.office.com/ (you will need to log in with your University username and password).
  2. Via the app available at https://office365.leeds.ac.uk/ (you will need to log in with your University username and password). If you cannot see the Viva Insights app, click on the 'All apps' icon All apps icon - four small squares stacked to form a larger square, with the top right one at an angle (usually near the bottom left of your screen), then choose Viva Insights from the list of apps.
  3. You can also access Viva Insights through Teams. First look for Viva Insights in the app navigation bar (usually on the left on a PC or laptop and at the bottom on a mobile device). If you don't find it there, click on the three dots, type 'Insights' into the search box and click on Viva Insights to open it. 

Screen shot of the apps toolbar with the three dots clicked to show the search box

How To Videos for VIVA Insights

Short clips on how to add and navigate through Viva.

Data privacy

The data in Viva Insights is only accessible by you. The tool is entirely private and is not designed to enable evaluation, tracking, automated decision-making, profiling, or monitoring. Read more in the Microsoft Insights privacy guide (Microsoft website).

More information and support

The Viva Insights presentation (see the attachments section) provides an introduction to Viva Insights and key links for more information. 

You can find out more from:

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Viva Insights How To Videos and Demo Presentation

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