Getting started with AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere provides web-based portal access to a wide range of university software. It streams software to University Windows 10 and 11 computers, Windows Virtual Desktop or your own Windows PC.  


Accessing AppsAnywhere

Important: If you have received a new Windows 11 desktop or laptop, AppsAnywhere should already be available in your device. Use your ‘Start’ and ‘Search’ menus to find AppsAnywhere in your computer. If this software is not installed in your computer running Windows 11, please raise a ticket with the IT Service Desk. 

If you are using a computer running Windows 10 and want to access software using AppsAnywhere then you must install the AppsAnywhere Cloudpaging Player. This process differs depending on whether you're using a University or Personal computer. Please view the relevant selection below.

Important: At the moment, only Windows based operating systems are supported. Most software used in teaching is unavailable for MacOS, so students with an Apple Mac will need to access AppsAnywhere through the Windows Virtual Desktop service.

Installing Cloudpaging Player on a University computer running Windows 10

The AppsAnywhere Client can be installed from the Software Center for University computers running Windows 10. For information on how to do this refer to the 'How to install software to your work PC via the Software Center' in the 'Related Articles' section, to the right.

Once this step has been completed and Cloudpaging Player has been installed, please visit "". Login with your usual University ID, remembering to add '' at the end of your username.

The following popup will appear the first time you log into AppsAnywhere. For University devices select 'I have it already' as AppsAnywhere client has been installed from the Software Center.

Screenshot. Did you install AppsAnywhere on your device. Buttons, 'Install Now' or 'I have it already'.

Installing Cloudpaging Player on a personal Windows computer

Video showing the steps required to install the AppsAnywhere client - double-click to show fullscreen, and click on the 'CC' button for subtitles

Screenshot. Did you install AppsAnywhere on your device. Buttons, 'Install Now' or 'I have it already'.

Screenshot, Your downlaod has started. You only need to do this the first time you visit AppsAnywhere on each device.

The AppsAnywhere Cloudpaging Player will now be installed on your device, and you will be able to launch software from AppsAnywhere.

Using AppsAnywhere

Each time you login to AppsAnywhere you will see this blue popup message appear at the bottom right of the screen:

Screenshot, Validation in progress...Whenever prompted, click 'Launch Application' to allow us to validate your device.

The AppsAnywhere Player will launch while the validation takes place.

You should see Validation Successful (this message will disappear within a few seconds).

Screenshot, Validation Successful. You have been successfully validated.

Occasionally this validation process may fail and you will see a red popup message at the bottom right of the page. Click on the 'Retry' button to try again.

Screenshot, Validation failed. Sorry we were unable to validate your device at this time. Hit 'Retry' and don't forget to accept any browser prompts to open AppsAnywhere Launcher. Whenever prompted, accept any browser requests to open AppsAnywhere Launcher to allow us to validate your device.

Once your session has been validated you can start using the interface to access software.


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