Retirement of the M: and N: Local Storage Drives

In line with the University’s strategic direction to deliver an efficient, effective, consistent, and future-proofed file storage service, the University will ve retiring the M and N drivers in the near future. This will be as part of a programme to enable the Digital Enablement of the University, supporting greater mobility, use of mobile devices and a more modern workplace for our students and staff.

What does this mean?

Please do not create new, or enhance existing processes that rely on usage of the M and N drive; if you have the opportunity to take advantage of alternative provision such as Teams SharePoint or OneDrive please do take it.

What is Microsoft Teams?

What is Microsoft SharePoint? 

What is Microsoft OneDrive?

We understand there will be lots of questions, concerns and information that will need answers. As the Digital Enablement programme progresses we will make more information and opportunities to influence the projects available.


Last updated: 9th May 2022