How to fix when Outlook is always on top of other windows

Sometimes Outlook stays on top of all other windows unless minimised. Here is a way to stop this happening.

To fix the Outlook issue where it stays on top of all other programs please do the following:

In Outlook go to 'File'

Screenshot of Outlook 2016 with the File option highlighted in red
Select 'Options'
In the left hand menu select 'Add-ins' near the bottom of the list

Screenshot of Outlook 2016 File menu with Options highlighted in red
Select 'Go...' at the bottom of the window

Screenshot of Outlook 2016 Options menu with Add-ins section highlighted in red with '1' annotation and 'Go...' highlighted in red with '2' annotation
Find 'Outlook Social Connector 2016' in the list and untick the box next to it.

Screenshot of Outlook 2016 Add-ins menu with 'Outlook Social Connector 2016' list item highlighted in red
Select 'OK'