LASER - Leeds Analytics Secure Environment for Research (Service Catalogue)

This article describes the LASER service (Leeds Analytics Secure Environment for Research), part of the Service Catalogue, including details on support offering, and how to access the service.

This service had been previously known as the Integrated Research Computing (IRC) for LIDA.

Service Description

Provision of a Secure Environment for Leeds Analytics Secure Environment Research (formerly IRC) meeting the requirements for NHS DSPT and ISO27001 to deliver an effective dedicated secure research storage and compute facility. The service is supported by the LIDA's DAT Team, IT Services and Supporting partners.

Contact type Contact(s) 
Business Service Owner(s) To be confirmed
ELT lead Head of Research IT
IT Service Owner(s) Head of Research IT
IT Service Manager(s) 
Business Relationship Manager (BRM)KB0012310 Business Relationship Management

Standard Service offering

What IT delivers from a user perspective. IT is supporting the following business services.

RE6.1 - Consultancy, advice and guidance to researchers

RE6.2 - First level IT support, online resources, FAQs and self-help facilities

RE6.3 - Whole lifecycle provisioning and support for dedicated research compute and storage solutions

RE6.4 – Secure (encrypted at rest and in-transit) file storage

RE6.5 – Secure access to MSSQL databases

RE6.6 – Virtual Private Network access to storage and databases from the University of Leeds campus wired network.

RE6.7 - Provision and management of people, process and technology to support research activity

RE6.8 - Active horizon scanning activity with stakeholders


Service Support Level

The following service levels of support are available (subject to Service Level Agreement):

The LASER Service has been classed as a Level 1 Service.

Level 1 Service – Business critical services essential to business operation, requiring a primary, secondary and tertiary contacts in application support as a minimum. IT Manager assigned.

Level 2 Service – Business operational services contributing to efficient business operation requiring a primary and secondary contact in application support as a minimum. (Infrastructure support (configuration, database and servers). IT Manager assigned (optional).

Level 3 Service – does not have any 2nd line support and will be a best endeavours approach only. Also includes any automated self-service, self-help solutions. May not have an IT Manager assigned.

How to request

Here are some resources available to learn more about how to use the service. By typing LASER as the search word, additional KBAs may appear.

If you have any further queries or require further information, please discuss your initial thoughts about the LASER provision and or VRE project requirements and costing models with the LASER (LIDA) DAT team in the first instance. The DAT team will make further enquires on behalf of the Researcher as well as submitting their requirements to IT Services.

More information is available on the LIDA's Documentation site.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the IT Self Service portal or contact the IT Service Desk for more information.

How to access

This service is accessible to selected University staff - please use self-service or contact IT Service Desk for more information.

How to use

IT at the University of Leeds provides support via a self service portal, knowledgebase articles and Service Desk. The following articles are particularly related to this service.

First level support is via the IT Service Desk - The IT Service Desk availability is published in the knowledge base article KB0012259.

Second level support will be available 09:00-17:00 Mon - Fri


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