Sharing Microsoft Stream (Classic) Teams recordings with users who are external to the University

Important terminology note: The earlier version of Stream will now be known as Microsoft Stream (Classic) and the new version will be referred to as Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) to clarify the differences moving forward.
This article only applies to content in Stream (Classic). By default this includes all Teams meeting recordings made prior to Monday 27th June 2022.

Microsoft Stream (Classic) recordings can only be shared with users who are external to the University outside of the Teams and Stream (Classic) environment. This article outlines how this can be achieved through downloading the recording from Microsoft Stream (Classic) and sharing the file externally via OneDrive.

How to download your Teams meeting recording from Microsoft Stream (Classic)

Please note: you are only able to download the recording from Microsoft Stream if you are the meeting organiser.  

Navigate to in your web browser.

Log in using your University credentials.

On the menu across the top of the page click on My Content and then Meetings (shown below):

Find the video you want to download and click on the three dots to open the options menu.

Click Download video.

Sharing the meeting recording using OneDrive

Please Note: This next section assumes you have knowledge of how to use OneDrive. If OneDrive is new to you or you need a refresher please navigate to the IT website ( and search for OneDrive in the Knowledge Base Article section.

Upload your downloaded Teams Meeting into your place of choice within OneDrive. OneDrive can be accessed by logging into Office 365 ( with your University credentials, clicking the waffle icon (top left-hand corner) and clicking on the OneDrive icon.

Right click on the video file and select Share (shown below):

Click to select the appropriate sharing policy by clicking on ‘People you specify can edit’

From here you can either select ‘Anyone with the link’ which means that anyone who has the link can access the recording or ‘Specific people’ which then allows you to enter the email addresses of the individuals you would like to have access followed by apply.

If you have selected ‘Anyone with the link’ you can then click ‘Copy link’ and share through whatever medium you desire.

Important Note: please be aware that if you select 'Anyone with the link', the link will expire after 30 days. This is a security feature. For more information on sharing link settings for office 365 please see KB0012861.

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