Duo - adding and removing mobile devices

You can install the Duo Mobile app on more than one mobile device. We recommend you do this in case your primary device is lost or stolen.


Add a new mobile device

1. Go to 'office365.leeds.ac.uk' (It is best to do this from a desktop or laptop).

Important: Your browser may remember you and automatically sign you in. In this case, please log out first, or use an Incognito or Private browsing window (Google Chrome Incognito, MS Edge Private, Firefox Incognito)". 

Leeds Sign In

2. Sign in with your credentials then stop at the Duo authentication dialog box.

Important: If you have lost your phone or lost access to your Duo devices please review this article. Or if you need further information on Duo please see the article 'Duo two-factor authentication' here.

3. You can only add or remove devices from the authentication dialogue box. When you are asked to authenticate, click on the 'Add a new device' link at the left side. 

dialog box for duo where the user can select to use "Duo Push" or "Passcode". On the left side there's some other options including "Add a new device"

4. Before you can add a new device you will need to complete the authentication. Authenticate as normal by either choosing a push notification or entering a passcode. 
'Add a new device' dialog box


5. You will then be asked what type of device you're adding, e.g. mobile phone or tablet. If you select a mobile phone you will be asked to enter the phone number. 

6. After selecting a tablet or mobile phone, you will be asked what type of tablet or phone you are adding. Choose the appropriate option and click 'Continue'. 

Dialog box asked 'What type of tablet are you adding?' iOS or Android?or Dialog box and radio buttons for iphone, android, windows phone and other

If you selected 'other' as the phone type, the phone will be added to your list of devices once you have entered the phone number. 

Important: If you add a new device, then register a pre-existing number, you will be presented with the message: "This number already exists, do you want to replace it?" You will then be asked to verify ownership of the number.

Duo replace existing number?

If you selected a device which supports the Duo Mobile app, we recommend installing Duo Mobile on your device. Once installed, select 'I have Duo Mobile'. Check the Duo guide on the Duo website for the latest information on which operating systems are supported. 

Duo Mobile dialog box 'I have Duo Mobile' or back buttons

A QR barcode will then appear.

Duo dialog box showing a QR code and 'Email me an activation link instead'

8. Open Duo mobile on your device, tap the '+' button or 'Add new account' and scan this barcode (you will need to give Duo Mobile permission to access your device's camera to do this). Alternatively, in the windows containing the QR code click on the link to 'Email me an activation link instead' (you may need to scroll down to view this). If you don't have access to email or your device camera. Please complete the process in your device browser then select the option "take me to the Duo app".

9. When you have successfully activated your device a green tick will appear over the barcode. 

Remove a mobile device

1. You can only remove devices from the authentication dialog box. When you are asked to authenticate click on the Settings menu. From the Settings menu click 'My Settings & Devices'.

Before you can remove a device you will need to complete the authentication. Authenticate as normal by either choosing a push notification or entering a passcode. A dialogue box will appear listing all your current devices, for example: 

Setting dialog box. Android or iOS options and settings

2. Click on the 'settings cog' next to the device you want to remove and choose 'Delete Device'. 

Setting dialog box. Reactivate Duo Mobile, Change Device Name or Delete Device.

3. Click 'Remove' to delete the device. 

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