Windows Virtual Desktop - How to Map a Specific Folder on the N Drive

Currently if you need to access a specific folder on the N drive in the Windows Virtual Desktop you may encounter an error trying to go directly to the relevant folder. This guide will show you how to work around this.

Please note we are working to resolve this in a future update to the service.

If you receive the following error (please note the path name will vary depending on where you are trying to access):

File Explorer error message stating "Access the resource has been disallowed"

Make sure you are looking at your M and N drives and right click on an empty space under the 'Network locations' section. Select 'Add a network location'

File Explorer window with server name WVD-Pool3-5 highlighted and 'Add a network location' from right click context menu also highlight

Click Next through the following window

Add Network Location wizard welcome window

Select 'Choose a custom network location' then select Next

Add network location wizard window with 'Choose a custom network location' option

Enter the path of the folder you need to access replacing N:\ with \\\Shared\ e.g. N:\Academic-Services becomes \\\Shared\Academic-Services  (please note forward slashes will not work you must use back slashes which are typically to the left of the Z key on a standard UK layout keyboard)

Add Network Location wizard window with example network path entered reading '\\\Shared\<restofpath>' entered

Give the location a name or keep the suggested one and select  Next

Add Network Location wizard window with option to name the mapping

Click Finish

Add Network Location wizard window at 'Completing  the Add Network Location Wizard' stage

You will now have access to the N drive folder. Please note as with Outlook you will currently need to do this each time you log into the Windows Virtual Desktop. We are looking to resolve this in a future update to the service.