How to install Kinetic Kx via the Software Center

Kinetics Kx is a business critical piece of software for the management of:

It processes over £5m of bookings per year. Depending on the time of year up to 40 member of staff rely on its continued usage.

It has two important integrations, with SAP and Syllabus Plus (timetabling software).


Requesting Access to the Software

To obtain access to the Kinexus Kx software please contact the Conferencing and Events team to request a logon, they will then contact IT to arrange access to the required resources, and to advertise the software to your computer.

Installation of Kinetics Kx Client

The Kinetics Kx software is installed on a per User basis and each user of the software will need to have the appropriate access permissions and also run the software once to configure it for use.


1. From the Start Menu launch the Software Centre (see the related KB article for futher details).

2. Find the Kinetic Software Kx Client by searching or scrolling trough the software centre. 


3. Click on Kinetic Software Kx to select.



4. Click the Install button to start the creation of the software's shortcuts.


5. The shortcuts will be installed into the Start Menu under Kinetics Kx. If successful the Install button will change to Uninstall.



6. Click on Kinetix Kx Live shortcut to start the configuration of the software.



7. On successful completion of the install and configuration




If you encounter any problems with the installation of the software, please record any error messages and raise an IT request.