Add members and guests to a team in Microsoft Teams

If you're a team owner, you can add someone to a team. If you're not a team owner, you can submit a request, and the team owner will accept or deny it.

Add members to a team

A team can hold up to 10,000 members.

To add members to a team:

If you're a team owner, go to the team name in the teams list and click More options More options button > Add member.

Add members to a team in Teams

Start typing a name, distribution list, security group, or Office 365 group to add to your team. You can also add people outside your organisation as guests by typing their email addresses.

When you're done adding members, select Add.

You can promote someone to be a team owner by selecting the down arrow next to the word Member and selecting Owner. There can be up to 20 owners in a team.

Select Close.

The people you add to a team will receive an email letting them know they are now a member of your team and the team will show up in their teams list.

Accept or deny requests to join a team

People can submit a request to join your team.

Accept or deny pending requests

To accept or deny pending requests, go to your team in the teams list and select More options More options button > Manage team > Pending Requests.

Request to add a member

To request someone be added to a team you're already a member of, go to the team in your team list then select More options More options button > Add member. Type the name of one or more people then select Send request. Team owners will receive an alert that they have a pending request.

Add guests to a team

NOTE: you must be a team owner to add a guest in Teams

Select Teams  Teams button and go to the team in your team list.

Select More options More options button > Add member.

Add members to a team in Teams

Enter the guest's email address. Anyone with a business or consumer email account, such as Outlook, Gmail, or others, can join your team as a guest. Guests must have a Microsoft 365 work or school account. If the guest doesn’t yet have a Microsoft account associated with their email address, they will be directed to create one for free.

Add your guest's name. Select Edit guest information Edit guest name button and type a friendly name for them. Be sure to take the time to do this now as it cannot be changed later.

Edit guest information in Teams.

Click Add. Guests will receive a welcome email invitation that includes some information about joining Teams and what the guest experience is like.