How to scan for malware using McAfee

If you are concerned that you have malware on your device you can use McAfee to scan it for threats.

How to scan a file or folder

Just right click on the file or folder you want to check and select "Scan for Threats".

This is an image of the right click menu you get when right clicking on a file or folder. The "Scan for Threats" button is mid way down the menu.

How to scan your entire system

Click on the Start Button and search for McAfee. Select McAfee Endpoint Security.

This is an image of the start menu usually found in the bottom left hand corner of the desktop. The user has search for "McAfee" and in the search results "McAfee Endpoint Security" has been highlighted.

Select Scan System.

This is a picture of the Endpoint Security application. Scan system in the top right hand corner has been highlighted.

Under Full Scan click on Scan Now.

This is a menu asking you which scan to carry out. The "Scan Now" button next to the "Full Scan" heading has been highlighted.