Printing from the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

You can print from the Academic and the General virtual desktops, either using MyPrint, or your local printer.

For data security reasons printing is not allowed from the SAP & Restricted virtual desktop.

Please consider the environmental impact of printing - can you read the item on your screen instead?

Use MyPrint

When you press the Print button in your application select the print queue "MyPrint on LeedsPrint". For further information on using MyPrint please see KB0012727.

Use your Local Printer

You can print to your local printer, but this must only be done in line with Data Protection requirements.

If you are using a web browser to access the WVD you will need to give permissions for it to access your printer when you first launch your session:

Screenshot of dialogue box requesting permission for  clipboard and printer access

This is not required if you are using the Remote Desktop client to access the WVD.

When you press the Print button in your application select your printer from the list - it will have '(redirected)' at the end of the name.

Screenshot of MS Word print options showing list of available printers

Print to PDF

If you want use the "Print to PDF" option press Print in your application and select "Microsoft Print to PDF" from the list.

Print menu from Microsoft Word

When prompted give the file a name, choose a suitable place to save it then click Save.

Remember - never save documents to the Desktop on the WVD!