A Student Guide: Record, Edit and Share Digital Content using Mediasite

Mediasite is the University’s Lecture Capture and Multimedia service. The guide will help you get started creating and sharing digital assessments using Mediasite.


About Mediasite

Mediasite is the University’s Lecture Capture and Multimedia service. It allows you to watch your lecture capture recordings and create your own digital content to share with your tutor, other students, or even future employers.

You can submit any digital presentation (audio, video or screencast) to Mediasite for assessment purposes and share it with specified tutors or assessors. Your content remains secure and private until you choose to share it. You can create content using the Mediasite recording software, upload existing content using any other software or even upload a video you have taken on your phone. 

Creating your content

Important: Whichever option you choose, we would advise doing a short test recording first and listening back to check your audio/video quality before spending time recording.

Option 1 - Mediasite Mosaic

Mediasite Mosaic is a free recording application for staff and students available for Windows 10 and macOS (Catalina or later). Please use the appropriate link to download, install and setup Mosaic for Windows or macOS.

Once you have finished, your recording will automatically upload to Mediasite. You will be notified by email once it is ready for you to review. This can take up to 8 hours during busy periods but it is usually much faster.

Option 2 - Use alternative recording software and upload to Mediasite

If Mediasite Mosaic is not suitable for your recording, you can use any other software or hardware you are familiar with to create your digital content.

A full list of options and solutions can be found here in our Create Digital Presentations Sway.

Once recorded, you can then manually upload your file to Mediasite. You will receive an email when the recording is ready.

Option 3 - Record a video using your mobile device and upload to Mediasite

You can record and upload videos directly from your mobile device to Mediasite. Here is an example of how to upload content from an iPad.

In summary, record the video using your phone's built-in camera app. Visit 'mymedia.leeds.ac.uk' on your phone and browse for the video on your phone. The recording will then upload and you will receive an email when it's ready.

Some more advice on creating online content can be found below:

Editing your content 

Once you receive your notification email you can log in to Mediasite (at https://mymedia.leeds.ac.uk and access your content.

You can click use the 'Edit Details' option (to the right of the video) to update the title and description of your content if needed.

Image displaying the location of 'Edit Details' in Mediasite

Important: please refer to your tutor’s instructions if this is an assessment presentation as they may want to use a specific naming convention.

You can also use the 'Edit Video' option to edit the start/end of your recording and remove sections if needed. However, this online editor is for basic edits only and is not a substitute for full video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. More information can be found in this Editing guide.

Sharing your content

Once you are happy with your content, you can share your content with your tutor(s).

To do this, move the sharing slider (under the 'Who Can View' heading) up to 'Only Shared Users'.

Then click the 'Share Presentation' and type in the name of the people you'd like to share your video with and then click 'Send Invite'. The selected users will then be able to watch the content in Mediasite (they will need to log in with their University username and password).

Below is a summary image of the sharing process.

A screenshot of the four step process from moving the slider, clicking share presentation, typing in a name and clicking send invite

Important: Security is a key benefit of Mediasite. Therefore, only users specified can watch the video so just copying and pasting the link into an email will not work unless you have given them access. Full details can be found in this sharing guide if needed.

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