What to do if students can't see Mediasite (Lecture Capture) content in Minerva

This article explains how to resolve some common issues if students report that they cannot see Mediasite content via Minerva. Student permissions for Mediasite (and Lecture Capture) content are managed via the modules they are enrolled on.

Important Note: Please make sure you have linked the Mediasite recording to the current module year (see related articles section too). A common problem is that recordings are linked to a previous year and students in the current year are unable to view them because they don't have permissions; for example, if a recording was linked to an 21/22 module, students on the 22/23 module would not be able to view it unless the above guidance is followed.

What to do if students report an 'unauthorized to view' message

Content in Mediasite must be viewable for students to see it. Timetabled recordings are automatically made viewable within 72 hours. 

However, if you create a Record Now recording, Mediasite Mosaic or upload a file to Mediasite, you must make the recording viewable and manually link your module.

To do this, log into Mediasite to see your recordings.

Click the padlock icon so it is unlocked and viewable (as shown below):

Screenshot of padlock unlocked which means a recording is viewable

Once viewable, you must still add permissions for students to see it.

This is the benefit of Mediasite. Content can be tightly controlled and managed securely. However, it does mean there are some extra steps initially.

To make content available on a module, click Edit Details and then scroll down to add module. There is more detail in this guidance. Information on sharing with users outside of Minerva can be found here.

When linked, the module will appear under the modules heading in Mediasite (shown below):

Screenshot of a module linked within Mediasite


Don't just copy the link

A common misunderstanding is that content owners can copy the Mediasite link into a Module Announcement in Minerva and assume students will be able to watch it.

This will not work if the content has not been linked to the module. Ensure the video has been linked to the module in Mediasite first.

Example announcement in Minerva

The above video is not linked to a module and therefore students will receive the error when trying to click on it:

Not authorized error in Minerva

This is because students don't have permissions yet. To grant permissions, the content must be linked to the current years' module.

Adding Mediasite content from within Minerva

Mediasite content can also be added using the 'Add content' option in Minera.

Add Content menu in Minerva

Note: The search can take up to 2 minutes to show results. You may have to be quite specific with the search. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you cannot find your module.

Once your module has been linked, it will display like this in Minerva:

Mediasite content added from the Add Content option in Minerva

Important Note: If you copy content across from a previous year in Minerva, you still need to link to the current years' module in Mediasite.

Embedded Video does not play

If trying to play an embedded video in Minerva and you see this image:

Minerva screenshot deomonstrating embedded video error image

To resolve this please do the following: