Resolve 'Media Decoding Error' in Google Chrome or Edge for Mediasite Content

Some users receive a 'Media Decoding Error' when trying to view Mediasite content in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (latest version built on Chromium). This article shows some methods to resolve this issue.


When trying and watch a Mediasite video in Google Chrome or Edge and at a certain playback point, some may receive a 'Media Decoding Error' and be unable to press play or carry on watching.

Media Decoding Error shown during playback in Chrome on Mediasite


Quick Fix

Use Mozilla Firefox as an alternative browser. This does not seem to affect Firefox. 

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Add HTML True after the video address

For Mediasite content NOT linked to a module catalog area (in Minerva) - add ?usehtml5=true to the web address

For Mediasite content that IS linked to a module catalog - add &usehtml5=true