Installing The Evisions Argos Application Launcher

If you are a new Argos user or if you have a new PC, you will need to install some software that allows the Argos web-page ( to start the main Argos application.  The following instructions explain how to install it and what happens when you first try to start Argos.

[1]  Installing The New Argos Application Launcher using Software Center:

[1.1]  To start installing the Argos application launcher, go to the Windows “Start” menu and start typing “software center” (not “centre”) in the search field.  You should see the shortcut for the Software Center appear in the menu, such as in this example on Windows 10:

Click on the “Software Center” option to continue.


[1.2] Once the Software Center has opened, locate the entry for “Argos" & "Evisions” (i.e. a white rocket in a blue circle) which should be somewhere in the list, depending on the selected sort-order:


[1.3]  Click on the “Argos / Evisions” entry to go to the details screen, where you should see the option to “Install”:

… Click “Install” and the process should then only take a few seconds.


[1.4] NOTE:  If you can initially see the “Uninstall” option, the launcher is already installed, so you do not need to do anything else and you can close the Software Center window:


[2]  Starting Argos For The First Time After Installing The Launcher:

When you go to to start Argos for the first time after installing the application launcher, you may see a warning dialogue when you click on the “Argos” button, as explained below.  (Please note that the following example screenshots are from a later version of the Argos web-page and so they may look different to the version that we are running at the moment.  However, the same principles apply).


[2.1]  Starting Argos In Microsoft Edge (for the first time):

It may open Microsoft Edge as default to start Argos, but the new launcher software now also allows you to use Chrome, Firefox or other browsers if preferred.

Here is the message that might initially appear when starting Argos in Microsoft Edge after we have switched over to the new software:

[2.1.1]  If the dialogue box asks “Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?”, you should remove the tick from the box labelled “Always ask before opening this type of address” if you do not want to see this warning again. 

[2.1.2]  Then select “Allow” to go ahead and start Argos.

[2.2]  Starting Argos In Chrome (for the first time):

You may see the following dialogue box when clicking the “Argos” button for the first time in Google Chrome:

[2.2.1]  You will probably see the confirmation message appear asking if you wish to “Open URL:Evisions Ap…aunch Protocol?”:

[2.2.2]  Tick the option labelled “Always open these types of links in the associated app”:

[2.2.3]  And then click on the button labelled “Open URL:Evisions Ap…aunch Protocol” to continue.  Argos will then start-up, and the confirmation message should not reappear the next time you start it.

[2.3]  Starting Argos In Firefox (for the first time):

You may see the following dialogue box when clicking the “Argos” button for the first time in Firefox:

[2.3.1]  In the Launch Application dialogue box, select “Evisions Application Launcher” if it is not already selected.

[2.3.2]  Tick the box to “Remember my choice for evisions-launch links”.

[2.3.3]  Then click “Open link” to start Argos …

[3]  You should then be able to log on to Argos in the usual way:

[3.1]  Once the application launcher has been installed successfully, your Argos log-in screen should appear as normal whenever you click on the “Argos” button on the initial web-page (but maybe with a slight pause, so please give it a few seconds):

[3.2]  However, if Argos still does not start, you might not have installed the launcher successfully, in which case you will probably see the following message: “You’ll need a new app to open this evisions-launch”.  If this occurs, you could try going back to the start of these instructions again - or you could contact the IT Service Desk ( if it will not install and you think you may need further assistance.  (Note: Do not click on the “download & install” link on the Argos web-page itself, as you will need PC administrator privileges for this method to work).