How to Identify a Network Socket

Below is a guide an how to find a network socket to plug your wired devices into and what details you need to provide from a network socket when logging a request on Service Now.

Network Sockets

When creating a request it will often ask that you provide the network socket details. Finding a network socket isn't always obvious so below are a few examples of some network sockets and what information you need to provide to get your socket activated if it isn't live.

The first image is an example of the new style sockets we use. These are the new University standard so you will find these sockets in all new builds and newly refurbished areas.

We need you to provide both lines of information on whichever socket you are using (either the left or right). The information is important to us because it provides the room details of the comms room, the panel and port and also what room the socket is in along with what position in the room this socket is located. An example of lines of information you need to provide is:-

1.43b, 6389, 07 // 133, 03.

Which looks like the below when printing onto a socket:


An example of an older style socket is attached below. You can see that both lines of information are still there on the socket, but because the style of socket is slightly different, then the size of the labels are also different.


The last example of a network socket is a floor box socket. You will find these by lifting the lids of the boxes on the floors of certain buildings.