Using your own device while remote working

This advice may change as the University develops new technologies. You must only use approved secure methods of accessing your information.

Last updated: June 2023

Office 365

You can access Office 365 via a web browser. We strongly recommend that if you are working on Outlook or documents saved in your One Drive, Teams or any other Microsoft products, that you log on through your web browser. This will help ensure you have good, consistent access and will take the pressure away from the University systems that are needed to access specific applications and data. We recommend people use a web browser rather than the Office 365 mobile apps for security. If you are using the Office 365 mobile apps, make sure they are not syncing with your personal device (see below)

Accessing other services

If you need access to services that are not available off-campus or through Minerva or Office365, such as SAP or the Employee/Manager Self-Service system (ESS/MSS), you can use the Virtual Windows Desktop.

Find out more about the recommended remote access methods

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most likely risks involved with using my own device?

What must I do?

Is my home WiFi Safe?

Can I use Public Wi-Fi?

What do I do with confidential data?

If you are working on confidential data, check the guidelines on the Data Protection website.

Are there options for Encryption?

Whole disk encryption

File Encryption for file(s) or folder(s)

Note: University IT won't be able to recover your file(s) if you lose your encryption key/password.

Software only goes so far to protect your device. The key factors in preventing compromised accounts infections are: