Moving Mediasite Content to a Module Folder

If you are over your Mediasite quota, you can move your content to a module folder instead. This will take the content out of your personal folder and reduce your quota. If required, it can also enable students on the module to find content for revision purposes more easily and allow the content to be managed via the University's automatic retention and deletion policy. See the related articles at the end of this document for more information on this policy.

This may be especially useful if you have done a Record Now (formerly ad-hoc) recording or Mediasite Mosaic recording.

Important Note: Log into Mediasite via Minerva to ensure all the modules you have permission to see display correctly.


Log into Minerva.

Click on Mediasite under Tools and Other University Systems.

Click on the title of the content you wish to move to a module folder.

Click Move To.

The Move To options in Mediasite

Click Place this Presentation in a Shared folder.

This will display all the modules you have access to. It may take up to two minutes to load if you have a lot of modules.

Once the list has displayed, click on the module which you would like to store the content (as shown below):

Screenshot of module list and Move Presentation screen

Then click Move Presentation.

The content will then be moved into the module folder.

Important Note: The content will still be owned by you and appear in your Mediasite. However, it will not count towards your personal storage quota.