Purchasing laptops and desktop computers

This article covers the supply of equipment to staff and Postgraduate researchers (PGRs).
Taught students needing a laptop should contact their Academic Personal Tutor and / or Student Support Team.


Important: the order forms are linked in the relevant sections below, and in 'Related Requests' to the right. You will need to be logged in and have appropriate access to see these forms. 

Due to the high demand for computers, the University places a small number of large volume orders for equipment that will meet the majority of requirements. This approach brings a number of benefits including:

How do I order a laptop?

Laptops can be supplied with a 24" widescreen monitor and keyboard & mouse if required. We also have docking stations which can be supplied to support connection of a monitor to older laptops which do not have an HDMI connection.

To request a laptop for yourself or an existing member of staff:

To request a laptop for a new member of staff:

Please note that for individually purchased devices there are longer lead times for orders and there are still global supply shortages impacting some types of equipment.  It may also take us longer to set up the equipment than for a standard device.

What is the specification of the standard laptop?

Can I order a higher specification laptop?

For people who require a higher specification laptop, we can supply an alternative model. Follow the same process as for standard laptops, but additional justification will be required.

What are the specifications of the high spec. laptops?

High specification without dedicated GPU:

High specification with dedicated GPU:

For more information, including costs and specifications for desktops and other equipment see the specifications page

What if these specifications are not suitable for my work?

In exceptional circumstances where it is not possible for somebody to fulfil the requirements of their role with either the standard or high specification device, then an alternative should be requested via the Purchase of a Non-Standard Computer request form, attached in the Related Requests (this is only accessible when logged in and if you have the permissions to access it). . 

Please note that there may be long lead times for orders of non-standard equipment due to global supply shortages impacting some types of equipment. It will also take us longer to set-up the equipment than for a standard device.

How do I order a desktop computer? 

The basic process is the same as ordering a laptop, but please use the Purchase of Standard Windows PC form here.

For information on ordering a non-standard desktop computer please review this article.

How do I order a monitor or laptop dock? 

The process is the same as for buying a laptop - use the laptop/peripheral order form here.

Are you able to supply equipment as a short term loan?

A temporary device will usually be provided whilst you are awaiting the repair of a faulty computer or laptop.

We no longer have access to any funding to enable us to supply equipment as a temporary loan. An account code must be supplied with all equipment requests that has sufficient budget to cover the cost of the equipment being supplied. Please ensure you have received appropriate financial approval in advance.

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