Allowing students to download Mediasite content from modules

It has been agreed temporarily that students can be permitted to download Mediasite content from module areas. This is being run as an opt-in service and can be requested by following the information below. This process is subject to change and will be reviewed regularly.

If you are a student wanting to access your downloads, please scroll down to the 'For Students' heading in this guide.

For Staff - Enabling your module content for download

Important Note: Please consider how many videos you really need to be made available for downloading and watching offline. This process is to benefit students with poor Internet connections who need to work remotely.

If you are the content author and would like your videos to be available for students to download, please contact the IT Service Desk (by using the links on the right hand side) with the following information:

Please replace '[####]' with the relevant information.

Subject: Enable Mediasite Downloads for students on Module [####]

Could I please request that the following videos be made available for Module [####] (please include full module number, year and CRN if possible) e.g. 19/20 LUBS09903M CRN: 3287

Please Note: If your request includes more than 15 videos to download, we will contact you and ask why this is the case.

A member of IT will enable these downloads in the background for you. Depending on the number of videos, this can take up to 24-48 hours to be available.

If you would like these downloads to be removed, please contact us again via the IT Service Desk.

For Students - Accessing Downloads

You can download recordings which have been enabled by your lecturer by logging into Minerva, clicking on your module and then selecting the Media section.

Media area in Minerva

The screenshot below is an example of how your module will look once downloads have been enabled by your lecturer.

Click on the Download button and the video will begin downloading. (It may take some time depending on the file size and your Internet connection speed).

Please Note: the example below shows a video which is available to download and one which is not (as staff may choose not to enable all videos for download).

screenshot showing mediasite catalog with downloads and no downloads enabled for a Module in Minerva