Connect to Wi-Fi on Linux

This is a guide on how to connect your Linux device to eduroam (the University Wi-Fi network).

Please note: This guide was created using CentOS 7. Depending on your Linux version, the interface may look slightly different and the process and settings may differ slightly. See additional notes in footer for Linux Mint settings.

From the desktop, click the icons on the top right next to the date and time, from there hover over and select ‘WiFi Not Connected’ and then click on ‘Select Network’.

A new window should appear, select ‘eduroam’ and then click on ‘Connect’.

A new window will now appear (similar to the one below) which will ask for a series of information in order to authenticate your device’s connection to the eduroam network. The first step is to tick the box towards the centre of the list that reads, ‘No CA certificate is required’.

Once ‘No CA certificate is required’ is ticked the authentication options will change to what you see below. Enter and select the following information for each box:

  1. Wi-Fi security – WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
  2. Authentication – Protected EAP (PEAP)
  3. Domain –
  4. Inner authentication – MSCHAPv2
  5. Username –
  6. Password – Your password for your University account

Leave ‘Anonymous identity’ blank and remember to keep No CA certificate is required ticked!

Once all the information has been entered click ‘Connect’ and you should be met with the following screen (below). You should now see a new icon at the top right of your desktop, click the icons again next to the date and time to confirm that you’re connected to the eduroam network.

Additional notes:

For Linux Mint, please try this:

Open 'Network Settings'
Choose 'Connect to a Hidden Network'
For Network Name, put the name of the network ('eduroam' - lowercase)
For Network Security, choose 'WPA & WPA2 Enterprise'
For Authentication, choose the last option: Protected EAP (PEAP)
For Certificate - do not validate
Then add username and password
Anonymous identity: leave it blank

If you have problems after following these instructions, please contact the IT Service Desk.