Banner 9 Shortcuts - Installation Instructions

The shortcuts for starting Banner 9 can be installed and uninstalled using the Windows Software Center.

One way to open the Software Center is to click on the Start button (usually at the bottom left of the screen) and start typing “Software Center”, but note the US spelling of “Center”.  You should see the icon appear in the menu list while typing, at which point you can click on it to open it.

In the Software Centrer, you should then be able to see the blue and white “Banner 9” icon in the list of applications, although you may need to scroll down a bit.

Clicking on this will take you to a page where you can see the option to “Install”.  Or if Banner 9 is already installed, you will see the option to “Uninstall”. 
Simply click on the option, and it will take a few seconds to complete.


Installing Banner 9 will provide you with the following shortcuts:

On the desktop:

- Banner 9 [PROD]

In the “Banner 9” menu accessed via the Start button:

- Banner 9 [PROD]
- Banner 9 [Reporting]
- Banner 9 [Support]
- Start QAS


The Banner 9 shortcuts will ensure that Chrome is used to start Banner, as this is the recommended web-browser.

The “[Reporting]” and “[Supporting]” shortcuts might be required if you are helping to test Banner or to look at the BREP service used for some reporting functions.  These two instances are based on copies of PROD taken daily and weekly, respectively.

The QAS shortcut has been retained as an address-checking utility, although it does not currently work properly with Banner 9 and so it might not be as useful as it was with Banner 8.