Choosing a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams

The University of Leeds currently uses TWO team types which are: Class and Other.

If you are using the team to add students to use as a learning environment, it is recommended this is a 'class' team type. Anything else will be an 'other' team type. 

You can't change Team type once created, so ensuring the correct Team type is set up from the start is essential.

Learn more in the table below about which Team meets your teaching and collaboration goals.

 Team Type


Teachers and students collaborating on group projects, assignments, and more.

Students and staff collaborating in interest groups and clubs. 

Please note: all Teams must be used for University purposes, Social teams are not permitted.

Team owners and members

Teachers are team owners and add students as team members. Minimum requirement for 2 owners per team.

Minimum of 2 staff owners, owners add staff and students members


Teachers moderate student conversations and who can post where. Students only have write permission in certain areas.

Team members share equal read-write permissions unless the team owner(s) alter the settings.

Data Classification

Unclassified only

Unclassified, Confidential or Highly Confidential


• Class Notebook

• Conversations

• Files

• Assignments

• Video and audio calls

• Chat

• Pinning new tabs with documents or sites

• OneNote notebook

• Conversations

• Files

• Meetings

• Video and audio calls

• Chat

• Pinning new tabs with documents or sites

Educational goals

• Assign, track, and review student work

• Export grades

• Collaborate and communicate in the classroom

• Make announcements

• Administer quizzes and polls

• Work in student groups

• Share and organise rich content

• Invite virtual experts into the classroom

• Collaborate and communicate with team members

• Make announcements

• Share content

• Organise virtual or face-to-face meetings

• Work in smaller groups

What do I get when the team is created?

Along with Posts and Files tabs, the General channel has Assignments, Class Notebook, and Grades tabs

Please note the University does NOT use Assignments or Grading in Microsoft Teams.

General Channel, Posts and Files

Note: This is the 'blankest' team you can have, any other tabs you will need to add yourself.