Why can't I create a Microsoft Team?

The ability to create a new Microsoft Team is disabled by default within the University of Leeds. Members of staff can request a new team is created by filling in the 'create a new Microsoft Team' self service request form. 

Why can't I create a Microsoft Team?

Every Team created in Microsoft Teams is essentially a data repository for the University. As Teams could be used to share confidential information, the sensitivity of all information and data you create or receive must be assessed, classified and managed in accordance with the University Information Protection Policy (Please see link in Related Articles below)

Microsoft Teams offers great flexibility and a greater storage capacity than we've ever had before. However, it does need to be managed appropriately. Microsoft Teams has a higher potential for user error to accidentally share restricted information publicly. The fundamental difference is that your data is not stored locally on University servers, data is stored in the Cloud on servers that are based offsite.

Team names also need to be controlled to avoid confusion from similarly named Teams and to ensure team names are appropriate.

For these reasons we need to ensure Microsoft Team owners are members of staff who are aware of their responsibilities before a team is created.

In the future as the University adopts new technologies this may change, but at this moment in time the creation of Microsoft Teams is restricted to staff and a form must be completed before a Team is created.

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Do you need a team or could you use the chat functionality in Teams instead?

You do not need to be in a ‘team’ to use Teams. The chat functionality allows you to chat one to one or with multiple people without needing a team.

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