How to access and use a Shared Mailbox

This article provides information on accessing and using a shared mailbox, which can be accessed via Outlook on your desktop or Outlook on the Web via Office 365.


Is there anything I need to do before I can access a shared mailbox?

IT can add you as a member of the Shared mailbox by submitting the following request form. For approval purposes, the request MUST be submitted by an existing member of the Shared mailbox. 

How do I access a shared mailbox via Outlook on your desktop?

Once you have been added as a member of the shared mailbox, it will appear automatically in your own Outlook profile.

How do I access a shared mailbox via Outlook on the web?

To add a shared mailbox to your own profile on Outlook on the Web:

1. Open a supported web browser and visit

2. Login with your University account <username> 

3. Select the 'Outlook' app.

Image displaying the 'Office 365' apps

4. Right click 'Folders' in the left navigation pane.

Image displaying the 'Outlook' application

5. Then choose 'Add shared folder'.

 Image displaying 'Add Shared Folder' navigation choice

6. In the 'Add shared folder' dialog box, type the name or email address of the shared mailbox (or someone who has shared a mailbox with you), and then select 'Add'. 

Image displaying 'Add shared folder' dialog box

You can also open the shared mailbox in a separate web browser tab, by doing the following:

1. Login to Outlook on the Web via Office 365 as per steps 1 to 3 here.

2. Click your picture in the top right hand corner and choose "Open another mailbox"

3. Start typing the naming of the shared mailbox until it populates, then click it.

4. The shared mailbox will then open in a new web browser tab.

5. From here you have full functionality for sending messages without the need to add the "From" option each time.

How to remove a shared mailbox?

1. Login to Outlook on the Web via Office 365 as per steps 1 to 3 here.

2. In the left navigation pane, right-click the shared mailbox you want to remove and then select 'Remove shared folder'. 

How to send email from a shared mailbox?

1. Select 'New message' above the folder list. A new message form opens in the reading pane.

Image displaying 'New Message' function within the outlook app

2. Click the 3 dots More or more options icon next to 'Discard', and then select 'Show From'. This option shows you that the people who receive the email message will see that it comes from the shared mailbox and not from your own email account.

Image displaying the 'three dots' and 'Show From...' Navigation options

The first time you use a shared mailbox to send an email, you won't see the name of the shared mailbox account in the 'Show From' drop-down. For your first-time use, delete your name, type the name of the shared mailbox in place of your name, and then send the message. In the future, the name of the shared mailbox will display in the drop-down next to 'Show From', and you can select it. 

3. To add recipients, type the name of anyone who is in your contacts folder or organisation’s address list, or type the email address in the 'To' or 'Cc' box. The first time you enter a person’s name, Outlook Web App searches for that person’s address. In the future, the name is cached so it resolves quickly.

4. Type a subject and the message you want to send.

5. When your message is ready to go, select 'Send'.

Image displaying the an example of draft email message

How to access a shared calendar?

1. Sign in to Outlook on the Web via Office 365 by following steps 1 to 3 here.

2. Next, select 'Calendar'. Image displaying the 'Calendar' menu navigation image, in the outlike app

3. Click 'Add calendar' and then select 'Add from directory'.

Image displaying the 'Add from directory' option within the Outlook app

4. Next, enter all or part of the name of the calendar you want to open. Once the account has been located, the default location is 'People's calendars'. You can change this by clicking it for a drop down selection. Make your choice and then click 'Add'.

Image displaying the 'Add to' option for the 'Add from directory' option, within the Outlook app

5. The shared calendar displays in your Calendar folder list. 


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