'UniLeeds' Mobile Application

This article describes the ‘UniLeeds’ Mobile Application service (SE4), part of the Service Catalogue, including details on support offering, and how to access the service.

Service Description

This service provides access to a variety of specific services tailored to meet the requirements of the mobile users.

Contact type  Contact(s) 
Key Business Stakeholder(s)  To be confirmed
ELT lead  Head of Service Management and Infrastructure
IT Service Owner(s)  Application Support Manager
IT Service Manager(s) Application Support Operational Lead (ITOL)
Business Relationship Manager (BRM) KB0012310 Business Relationship Management

Standard Service offering

What IT delivers from a user perspective. IT is supporting the following business services.

SE4.1 – Provides access to personalised timetables and library records

SE4.2 – Integrates services including IT Clusters, IT Loan Computers and LaundryView

SE4.3 – Provides links to access various services including Leeds for Life and Sports Bookings

SE4.4 - Links to a devices map and directory of location to help navigation around campus

SE4.5 - Check-in facility

Service Support Level

Level 1 Service - Business critical services essential to business operation, requiring a primary, secondary and tertiary contacts in application support as a minimum. IT Manager assigned.

Level 2 Service - Business operational services contributing to efficient business operation requiring a primary and secondary contact in application support as a minimum. (Infrastructure support (configuration, database, servers). IT Manager assigned (optional).

Level 3 Service – does not have any 2nd line support and will be a best endeavours approach only. Also includes any automated self-service, self-help solutions. May not have an IT Managers assigned.

How to access

Please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance for further information or via the self Service portal to make that initial request describing your requirements. You may also contact your Business Relationship Manager who will be able to discuss your initial requirements and guide you to the appropriate resources. 

Information on how to install UniLeeds app can be found in this article KB0011948.

How to use

Please refer to this article for frequently asked questions KB0011628.

Hours of availability and support

The best way to contact IT is via the IT Self Service site (it.leeds.ac.uk) or in person (level 10 EC Stoner).

First level support is via the IT Service Desk - The IT Service Desk availability is published in the knowledge base article KB0012259.

Second level support will be available 09:00-17:00 Mon - Fri

SLAs and OLAs

In review - to be published in due course.