Remote Access to Environment Linux Systems via a web browser

Information on how to access Faculty of Environment Linux systems remotely using a web browser (

Using a web browser, it is possible to connect to a Linux desktop session on the general use foe-linux systems.

LinuxDesktop Session From A Web Browser

This may be most useful when working from a Windows desktop machine, or working in a computer cluster where Linux is not available.

Connecting to the desktop session

To connect to a Linux desktop session, point your web browser at:

This has been tested, and seems to work well with Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Linux Desktop Session From Various Browsers

Performance with Internet Explorer seems a bit more variable, and may not be the best choice. Notably, when using Internet Explorer, the resolution may not be set correctly, and the mouse cursor may display signs of 'lag'.


The web page:

is available from any computer on the campus network.

If working from the Eduroam wireless network, or away from campus, the web page will be available. You will need to first make a connection to the University VPN service.

Known limitations

Browser access to the Linux systems is intended to provide an easy and quick way to access a Linux desktop session. In testing, things generally seem to work well, but there are limitations of which you should be aware when using this system:

Closing the session

A Linux desktop session opened through a web browser, and all processes running within, will be terminate if the browser, or the browser tab is closed.

It is not possible to disconnect, and reconnect to a desktop session.

Copying and pasting

It is not possible to copy and paste directly between the Linux session running in the web browser, and other programs running on the machine.

However text can be copied and pasted, using the 'clipboard' icon in the top right of the window:

Linux Web Browser Session - Copy and Paste

If you click this icon, it will open a text box. When text is copied to the clipboard from the Linux session, it will appear within this text box, and can be copied to other programs.

Linux Web Browser Session - Copy and Paste Icon

Text can also be copied in to this text box, and will then be available to the clipboard within the Linux session.