NPST Error in SAP

From time to time a user may get an NPST error message when posting a financial transaction in SAP. The error suggests that an alternative cost object should be used for this transaction.

NPST in SAP and What It Means.

An NPST error message will be displayed when a cost object no longer allows postings in SAP.

This example shows the message as displayed in the purchasing card system but a similar message will be displayed when posting a journal in the finance module of SAP.

This message means that cost object will no longer allow postings and has either been replaced or is no longer in use. In terms of WBS's, the example used is a level 1 WBS which has been replaced by a number of level 2 WBS's

One of the level 2 WBS's should be used in this example.

If you get an NPST error message please contact your local finance team for advice. They will be able to identify a replacement cost object for you.