Architecture Principles

This article presents fundamental design rules to guide all IT architects and analysts in their work for the University. These rules are known as 'architecture principles' and they will be applicable to anyone working in the University who is acting as change agent.

The attached PDF file titled "Architecture Principles OCT19" has been approved by the University's Design Authority (October 2019) and it presents the following principles:

E1: Maximise Benefit to the University

E2: Information Management is Everyone’s Business

E3: IT Responsibility

E4: Data is an Asset

S1: Business-driven Change

S2: Compliance with Statutory Obligations

S3: Business Continuity

S4: Common Use Applications

S5: Data is Valuable

S6: Data should be open

S7: Data must be understood

S8: Ease of Use

S9: Buy Rather than Build

S10: Configure not Customise

S11: Promote Interoperability

S12: Technology Independence

S13: Control Technical Diversity

S14: Common Use Technologies