Switching Organisations in Microsoft Teams

As more organisations start using Microsoft Teams they will invariably want to include members from outside the organisation to collaborate as part of their teams.
When you are invited as a guest to join a Microsoft Team (a guest is anyone outside the University of Leeds), you will receive a welcome email message that includes some information about the Team. You must redeem the invitation in the email message before you can access the external Team and its channels.

Within the Teams client (web or desktop), you must manually switch between organisations and only one can be “active” at a time. 

How do I switch organisations?

If you have been added as a guest into another organisations team then a new drop down menu will appear in the top right hand corner of the desktop or web app.

Snip of tenant access button

Click the drop down arrow next to where it says 'University of Leeds' and you will see a list of any other organisations teams that you have been added to.

snip showing different tenants

Select the organisation you wish to switch to, this will then log you in to see the Teams within the organisation you have been added to. Please note you may be required to log in the first time you switch to the organisation. 

Use the same process to switch back to the University of Leeds organisation.

Can't see the menu?

If you do not see this option to change organisation then this means you have not been added to the Team belonging to the other organisation as a guest. You will need to contact the other organisation and ask them to add you as a guest into their Team. By default you will only have access to Teams within the University of Leeds.