How to make Mediasite content viewable if Minerva is unavailable


By following this guide, you are making your content temporarily available to all members of the University, regardless of any modules they are enrolled on. Users will be able to search for the content in Mediasite ( and also anybody with the video link will be able to watch it. This is recommended only as a contingency plan when Minerva is unavailable if students are requesting urgent access to Mediasite content (such as timetabled Lecture Capture recordings).

If your lecture contains confidential information, please contact the IT Service Desk as we may be able to offer other solutions.

Please Note: You must be the owner of the video to access the options in this guide. If you are not sure who the owner is, please contact your school Change Owner or Timetabling contact.

If Minerva is unavailable

Log into Mediasite.

Click on the title of the video you would like to make available to students.

Under the ‘Who Can View’ heading, move the slider up to My Organization.

The Sharing Slide under Who Can View Heading set to My Organization

You will receive a Success confirmation when setting has been applied.

Success Notification - The presentation is now Viewable and can be watched by anyone in your organization

Accessing the recording

Students can now search for the title of the video.

Ask them to log into, click on the magnifying glass (next to Add Media) and type in the title of the video.

Search results in Mediasite showing the Welcome to Leeds University video now showing in search results

You can also send your students a direct link to the video. To get this link, click on Share Presentation.

Click Copy.

Share Presentation dialogue with an arrow pointing to the Copy button

This URL can then be emailed to students.

Once Minerva is available again

IMPORTANT NOTE: To prevent your content being viewable by all members of the University, change the sharing slider back to Only Shared Users.

Arrow pointing to the Sharing Slider set to Only Shared Users

You will receive a Success notification when this setting has been applied.