N: Drive FAQ

The N: Drive is a shared file space that is accessed from a wired university network, on the cluster PCs and from the Virtual Windows Desktop (VWD).

The facility to recover deleted files and to roll back to previous versions is available on the N: drive. This represents a legacy way of working and it is no longer possible to expand disk quotas. We now recommend the use of OneDrive for Business in the majority of cases.

How can you access it?

N: Drive can be accessed from on campus via a wired network connection or via the Virtual Windows Desktop (VWD).

Who has access?

Anyone with an university logon can access the N: Drive.

What can you access N: Drive from?


N: Drive is classed as shared user storage space. It is not recommended that you store personal files on the N: Drive.

Common Issues/Limitations

It is no longer possible to expand this system, or add new shares to this service.

It represents a legacy way of working.

We recommend that users now use Microsoft Teams, or Network Storage.

How should I use it?

For guidance on how best to use the N: Drive, please read the Information Protection Policy and Information Management Guide.

File Recovery/Previous Versions

There is an article on how to recover lost and deleted files on the N: Drive.