LinkedIn Learning FAQs

Answers to some common questions about LinkedIn Learning. 

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning, run by LinkedIn, and owned by Microsoft, is an online learning platform which originated from the acquisition of It is continually growing and contains over 15,000 video-based, professional learning, short courses covering a wide range of areas.

Who can use it at the University of Leeds?

All current students and staff can register and use LinkedIn Learning 24/7

How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

There is a user guide which tells you how to access the resource

What are the browser requirements to access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn provide details on the Minimum System Requirements

Is LinkedIn Learning free to use?

Yes it is free to use if you register for it via the University

Do I always have to complete a full course?

No. You can search for a specific skill and watch only the video relating to that skill or activity.

How do I connect my LinkedIn Learning account to my personal LinkedIn account? 

  1. log in to your LinkedIn Learning account
  2. navigate to any course
  3. start the course
  4. go to the "Q&A" tab (next to "Overview" ect.)
  5. in the "Q&A" tab you will see the option to connect your license and your profile.

How can I share a course with other people? 

To add LinkedIn Learning materials to your module see the guide on Minerva.

You can share a course through Facebook or Twitter using the 'share' button on the course or video. 

You can also copy a link to paste in to an email or other channel: 

  1. Open the video in LinkedIn Learning
  2. Position the cursor at the very end of the URL in the browser address bar and click
  3. Type &auth=true to the very end of the URL. For example, the full URL of the first video in the course about how to use LinkedIn Learning would be
  4. Select the full URL, right-click and choose Copy
  5. Share the video link as you normally would

Adding the '&auth=true' in step 3 is an important part of the process as this will automatically ask the user to log into their LinkedIn Learning account using single sign-on (if they are not already signed in). 

Do I need to have or create a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning?

No you can use LinkedIn Learning without setting up a LinkedIn account (but there are several benefits – see user guide)

I have a LinkedIn account already, do I have to link it to LinkedIn Learning?

No. Linking to your personal LinkedIn account is optional (but there are several benefits – see user guide)

Will the University be able to see activity on my personal LinkedIn account?

No. Allocated staff within the University will only be able to see your learning activities such as courses and/ or videos you’ve viewed on LinkedIn Learning. 

If the University contacts you via the LinkedIn Learning platform, i.e. to recommend a course, the email will be diverted to your primary email address on your personal LinkedIn account if you have linked the two accounts. This may be a personal email address but the University will not know that email address.

I have received an email to my personal email address that says it is from the University recommending a course on LinkedIn learning. Does the University have my personal email address?

No the University is not given your personal email address by LinkedIn Learning. If you have linked your personal LinkedIn (networking) profile to the LinkedIn Learning account, any emails sent from the LinkedIn Learning system will go to your primary email address in your personal LinkedIn (networking) account. That will be whatever email address you have provided LinkedIn but it is not shared with the University for LinkedIn Learning.

Is there a LinkedIn Learning app?

Yes, they are available from the Google Play store and Apple app store

What should I do if I’ve already paid for a personal LinkedIn Learning account?

Contact LinkedIn Learning directly to discuss closing your personal account and moving any learning history over to your University account.

Where can I get help or support with using LinkedIn Learning?

Will I be able to access LinkedIn Learning after leaving the University?

No. Your University license will be revoked. If you have linked your LinkedIn Learning Account with your personal LinkedIn (networking) account you will be able to save your learning history, and this can be re-activated by gaining a new license (either an individual subscription, or from your new employer / institution if they too provide licenses).