LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform accessible anywhere, containing over 16k professional video courses. Covering a wide range of areas such as technology, business, professional, and creative.


Who has access?

Students and staff at Leeds have free access to LinkedIn Learning courses through our institutional subscription. This offers individuals the opportunity to develop skills such as employability to support their personal and career development. Courses are led by experts, and are on average an hour long, broken down into bite-sized video modules. 

Quick start guide

LinkedIn Learning uses your normal University username and password. There are a number of ways you can register and login to LinkedIn Learning: 

Desktop / Laptop

  1. Go to the Minerva homepage, under Tools and Other University Systems, click on 'Show all' and scroll down to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Click Linkedin Learning
  3. Select your Leeds account and Sign-in.

Mobile Device

  1. Download the LinkedIn Learning app (from Google Play or Apple stores)
  2. Select 'Sign-in with your organisation portal' then enter where it says 'Enter your organisations’s name or domain'.

For full details of how to register and login see the 'Logging in to LinkedIn Learning' guide

Introduction to LinkedIn Learning at Leeds

Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) have a series of guides and information introducing students and staff at Leeds to LinkedIn Learning. Visit the OD&PL LinkedIn Learning webpages to find out how to get the most out of LinkedIn Learning.

Become a Curator

For staff, becoming a LinkedIn Learning curator lets you drive learner engagement and take LinkedIn Learning to the next level for you, colleagues and students. Becoming a curator means you can easily create, share, and understand the impact of your learning programmes. Find out about becoming a curator on the OD&PL website

Connect your personal LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning

If you already have a personal LinkedIn account, you can connect it to your LinkedIn Learning account. When you login to LinkedIn Learning, you will be asked if you want to connect your accounts. This is optional. 

Connecting your profile provides additional benefits such as the ability to publish completed courses (as a certification / badge) and receiving personalised course recommendations. You can also retain your learning history if you leave the University. 

If you connect your accounts, you can access LinkedIn Learning by logging in to your personal account and clicking on “Learning” in the top navigation. 

If you haven't already connected your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, it's quick and easy to do:

Important: if you do connect your personal profile, any emails sent by the University via LinkedIn Learning (such as recommending courses) will be diverted to your primary Linkedin email address. The University will not have access to any of your profile details and your account information will remain confidential.

Data Collection and Data Sharing

When you register for and use a LinkedIn Learning account the University shares the following information with LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Learning will then provide this information back to the University with details of the courses viewed (ie course name, when viewed, how far completed etc) via an administration area within the learning resource. This allows members of University staff, with the permitted administration access, to analyse and report on the use of the LinkedIn Learning resource.

More information about how LinkedIn Learning collects and uses your information can be found in the LinkedIn Learning Privacy Policy, the LinkedIn Learning Cookie Policy and the LinkedIn Learning User Agreement.

Help and Support

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