GRAD Support FAQs

This article describes some of the common queries or issues from Supervisors, Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) and Postgraduate Research Administrators (PGRAs) relating to the GRAD ( system.

Table of Contents

I Can’t Log Into GRAD

GRAD uses the same account as Minerva and Office365, make sure you're logging in using format username with no and your regular password. If you are still having difficulty please try resetting your password

I use a project/shared account and cannot log into GRAD – “No PhD Manager account - You don’t have an account”

This is by design, you must your personal account for auditing purposes otherwise we cannot work out who’s doing what in the system. Please ensure you are logging in as yourself.

Screenshot of GRAD 'No GRAD account' page. Exanatory text explains, "You don't have an account  You entered a valid University of Leeds username and password. However, you don't currently have access to this system.  Please contact the Graduate School and ask them to create your account."

I'm a PGR and cannot see the correct supervisor(s) in the GRAD system

Please log a call with IT Service Desk (, and provide details of who is missing from the list.

Once you have been informed the issue is resolved it will update overnight when the system updates.

I'm a supervisor and I'm missing one or more PGRs in GRAD

Please log a call with IT Service Desk (, and provide details of who is missing from the list.

Once you have been informed the issue is resolved it will update overnight when the system updates.

I cannot see my project details

Make sure you are in the correct area in GRAD, when you log in select 'My project' on the right. 

GRAD landing page with My Project link highlighted in red

If you select “My record” instead then you will need to select “Doctoral research project”

If you cannot see anything that says “My project” please make sure you are logging in with your PGR account and not a staff account which many PGRs will have. If you are definitely using your PGR account please check with your department’s Graduate School that the details have been put into Banner. If your details have been added on that day please check again tomorrow as it should update overnight.

I uploaded a file to the PDR and it’s not in GRAD, where is it?

Files uploaded to the PDR were not being carried over. If you need the file(s) then log into the PDR and click the “View data in the PDR” button and download the file(s) manually. Please note the PDR will be read only so nothing can be updated there. There is no general upload feature in GRAD, all information should be done through the various sections (meetings, first formal progress report etc.) with any supporting documents uploaded alongside those.

My name is displaying incorrectly

GRAD takes names and titles from the Student Information System for PGRs and HR system for Staff, the Known As field applies to Office365 and other systems but GRAD does not show this at this time. If your title is displaying incorrectly (e.g. 'Ms' instead of 'Dr' or similar) This needs to be updated by Student Operations for PGRs and local HR for Staff.

A meeting has been set up accidentally and the PGR/supervisor wants to delete it

It is not possible to delete meetings in GRAD. The system is supposed to keep a complete record of the supervision history between the PGR and supervisor so if they or someone else could delete items this could lead to issues if there was a complaint/dispute. Instead if please go into the meeting in question, then click on Edit meeting notes on the right

Supervision meeting page with 'Edit meeting notes' highlighted in red

Then set the Meeting format section to “The meeting did not take place”.

GRAD 'Edit Supervision notes Supervision meeting' page with 'The meeting did not take place' radio button highlighted in red

Then select Save at the bottom of the form.

The PGR and supervisor will still see the meeting in the list but it will not be counted as an actual meeting for administration and auditing purposes.

External Supervisor cannot log in/wants access

External supervisors typically do not have one or any of the following an HR record, Banner record or IT account when they get appointed. They will not get a SAP record as they are not employed by the University. In order to gain access external staff will need the following in this order:

The DCO assign details in the Student Information System as normal, GRAD will pick up the changes on the overnight update and they will show against the PGR's record.

The PDR had a function to email all my PGRs, where is it now?

There is no function for this in GRAD. The focus of GRAD is about following the progress of an individual candidate, it is not a mass communications tool. If you wish to contact your PGRs en-mass please ask them to contact the Faculty Graduate School who may be able to provide an alternative.

Meetings Automatically Appear In Outlook?

Staff and PGRs can add a calendar subscription to Outlook and other calendars. This is a one way subscription, if you add things to the calendar or make changes it will not be reflected in GRAD as it only goes from GRAD to Outlook. 

The section can be accessed from the main GRAD page after login by clicking Calendar subscriptions on the right.

GRAD landing page with 'Calendar subscriptions' highlighted in red

Either click the clipboard icon to the left or highlight the entire URL and copy it.

GRAD Calendar subscriptions page with subscription web link box highlighted in red

In Outlook go to the Calendar section, select Open Calendar from the ribbon and select From Internet… enter the URL in the box that appears.

Outlook Calendar window with Open Calendar submenu open with From Internet... highlighted in red

Click Yes, the calendar will now be added. If they want to rename or remove simply right-click on the calendar and select the appropriate option.

Outlook dialogue box asking, "Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates?" Yes is highlighted in red

If they have imported the calendar and click on Reset calendar subscription link this will break the link between GRAD and the calendar and they will start getting errors. They need to delete the calendar and import it again using the new URL to resolve this.

GRAD Calendar subscriptions page with the Reset calendar subscription link box highlighted in red

Dates are displaying incorrectly in GRAD 

Dates are taken from the Student Information System into GRAD. If a date is incorrect date check with your Graduate School to check your details on the Student Information System.