How to Connect to eduroam using Wifi Setup on Windows 10

Windows 10 users can follow this step-by-step guidance to connect to eduroam using the Wifi setup utility


What is eduroam?

eduroam is a secure wireless network, and is the recommended wireless data service for all University users to use.eduroam will also provide staff and students network access when visiting an institution other than their own.

Connecting to eduroam

This guidance applies to University of Leeds users who wish to connect to eduroam using Windows 10 (operating system) devices. This simple process requires only three steps to complete, and should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Step-by-step guidance

Step 1:

Left click the Wireless Network icon  Image displaying the wifi Icon at the bottom right of the task bar to display available Wireless Networks.

On the listed WiFi networks select "WiFi setup - University of Leeds" and click "Connect".

Image displayuing  wifi connection option 'Windows 10 available WiFi Networks - Select WiFi Setup - University of Leeds'

Once connected to WiFi setup open a web browser.

Image Displaying 'Windows 10 available WiFi Networks - Select WiFi Setup - University of Leeds - Connected'

Your web browser should redirect to the following webpage automatically:

Important: Some security features can block the redirection to the website and you may need to manually type the above web address into your browser.

Step 2:

Click the top eduroam option if you have an address.  If you have an, click the eduroam (Central Admin users only) option.  

Image displaying 'Eduroam Group selection for Leeds Users and Leeds Admin Domain users' dialogue box

After clicking the eduroam option the appropriate Join Now option for your Operating System will be displayed. Click the "JoinNow" button.

Image displaying 'Welcome screen - Select Device/OS and Click Join Now button' dialogue box

Step 3:

Clicking JoinNow initiates a download of the WiFi setup utility "WiFi_University_of_Leeds_Wrapper.exe"  Choose Save or Run when your browser prompts you.

Image displaying 'Downloading Application' dialogue box

The security features of the web browser you are using may prompt you for additional actions in order to download the file. The below example is for Google Chrome.

Image displaying additional 'run' actions, for google chrome

The User Account Control Window should then prompt if you want to allow the app to make changes to your device. Select "Yes". 

Important: This may appear minimised on the Taskbar as a shield icon.


Image displaying 'User Account Control' dialogue box



This Icon should now appear on the bottom left hand corner of your screen Image displaying 'W2' icon, click on it, and the following screen should appear:

Image displaying 'wifi Utility' Login screen

The WiFi setup utility will present you with a logon screen, logon with your University of Leeds username and password, using the '' format for your username. Click "Next".

The WiFi setup utility will then try to configure your device for eduroam and sign you into the network, you should see the blue progress move along.  If there are any problems or errors this can be due to several issues, but most commonly one of the following:

Image displaying 'wifi Utility' configuration screen

The WiFi setup utility progress bar will reach the end and the "Done" button will appear when it has successfully configured your device for eduroam and logged you on.  Click "Done" to close the WiFi setup utility.

Image displaying 'wifi Utility' progress screen

To check that you are connected to eduroam, open up the list of available networks by left clicking the Wireless Network Icon  Image displaying the 'wifi' icon. You should see eduroam is connected and that you also have the option to Disconnect.

Image displaying 'Eurodram - Connected, secured' connection status

Important: if you experience problems connecting to eduroam, in the first instance, please remember to check you are loggin on with your University of Leeds username and password, using the '' format for your username.

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