Lecture Capture Retention and Deletion Policy

This policy statement relates to the storage of scheduled Lecture Capture recordings. These are recordings of teaching sessions e.g. lectures managed via the timetable system.

This policy does not apply to Record Now (ad-hoc) recordings, personal captures or any other content, such as uploading files manually to Mediasite, which is managed via the quota system. 

Scheduled lecture recordings are kept for a period of 2 years, this applies to recordings created prior to, and after 1st September 2021. Examples of recording deletion dates are provided in the table below.

Recordings will be deleted automatically, and will be held in a centrally managed recycling bin for 90 days. Recordings will only be recoverable from the recycle bin via IT Support. You can request this using the link under the 'Related Requests' section of this article.

Examples of Lecture Capture Scheduled Recordings Deletion Dates:

Date Recording Created Date Recording will be Deleted
 All scheduled recordings created prior to 1 September 2021

 1 September 2023

 30 September 2021 29 September 2023
 20 October 2020 19 October 2022
 15 November 2021 14 November 2023

Following deletion from the Recycle Bin, recordings will not be retrievable.

When scheduled lecture recordings are deleted, the links to these recordings will be removed from within Minerva, and users will not see any reference to the recordings.

Where scheduled lecture recordings are needed for a period of time longer than two years, the owner of the recording is responsible for moving the recording to their user area to avoid automatic deletion. Instructions are available on how to move scheduled recordings to draft/personal user areas in this guide.

It is expected that scheduled lecture capture recordings will only be kept in exceptional circumstances e.g. for guest lectures, access for external students etc.

Users are requested to contact SES colleagues in Schools / Faculties for support if the automatic deletion of scheduled lecture recordings will cause detriment to the student experience.