What is Personal Capture?

Personal Capture is the term that we use to describe the process of creating digital media using the Lecture Capture and Media Management service at the University of Leeds.

All aspects of Personal Capture are available to staff and students. Once content has been created, it can be uploaded securely into Mediasite. University staff and students can log with their username and password at: https://mymedia.leeds.ac.uk

Once digital content is available in Mediasite it can be reviewed, edited and shared to individuals, members of the University community or to the wider public.

Below is a video explaining more about Personal Capture:

The image below outlines the 3-step process for Personal Capture:

Personal Capture Graphic

Step 1: Record

Mediasite Mosaic is the free recording application from Mediasite which is available to staff and students. Staff and students can download this software using the guidance found under 'Related Articles' (on Windows 10 or MacOS) to create screencasts, online presentations, video recordings or audio files. This method creates and uploads the content directly into Mediasite where you can then view, edit and publish it.

Users can upload existing media directly into Mediasite where they can edit it and share it with others. You can use whatever software you have access to and then upload the finished file to Mediasite. There is guidance on how to do this under the 'Related Articles' section of this article.

Staff and students can use their own devices such as smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices to record content and upload it to Mediasite.

Some advice on creating digital content can be found below:

Step 2: Review and Edit

In the editing process, users can add further information such as a description and linked web resources. Tagging media with key words or phrases allows users to find it more easily on platforms like VideoLeeds. Sharing one weblink with the relevant tag search will show all the relevant resources making this a useful way to share content. All updated tutorials on the Lecture Capture and Media Management system are tagged with lcmm19.

Step 3: Publish and Share

Staff can easily share their digital media to Modules or Organisations within Minerva. Students can only link to their own content in this way by making it viewable and sharing the weblink. this can be pasted into discussion forums or reflective journals within Minerva or shared via Collaborative Office 365 apps. Staff and student content can be shared with University members only or media can be shared more widely with members of the public on University channels such as VideoLeeds. A student could make a digital resource public by simply sharing the weblink on their own social media channels.


How are staff using Personal Capture?

How are students using Personal Capture?

For ideas on how to use Personal Capture or to view digital media visit the Padlet Wall. Feel free to contribute your own ideas by simply double clicking on the wall. Please note this Padlet Wall is publicly available so post and respond accordingly.