Move Mediasite content to your Drafts folder to prevent automatic deletion after two years

This article explains how to move scheduled Lecture Capture recordings to your Drafts folder if you would like to retain them past the two year retention period.

Please Note: You only need to do this for scheduled (timetabled) recordings or content which is stored in a Module folder. These recordings are subject to the University's Lecture Capture Retention and Deletion Policy which can be found in the 'Related Articles' section of this article. Ad-hoc recordings, Mediasite Mosaic recordings and files uploaded manually to Mediasite are automatically placed in your personal folder and subject to a storage quota. 

To move recordings to your Drafts folder, log into Mediasite.

Click on the title of the recording and click Move To:

Screenshot of Mediasite showing the 'Move To'  option highlighted

In the dialogue box that appears, select 'Place this Presentation in your Drafts folder' and then click Move Presentation.

Move Presentation dialogue box showing 'Place Presentation in your drafts folder' selected.

You will receive a confirmation message in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot of the successful 'Presentation Moved' notification from Mediasite

Your content has now been moved to your Drafts folder. It can be accessed by clicking My Drafts (located near your name in the top left-hand corner of Mediasite).

Screenshot of Mediasite showing the My Drafts folder selected

This means the content will remain in your personal folder and count towards your Mediasite storage quota. Therefore, it will not be deleted after two years. The content can still be linked to modules in Minerva (instructions are in the related articles section if needed).