Information about Transitional Research Storage Service

IT offers a scalable, secure and flexible storage capability which aims to meet the longer storage needs of researchers as well as general filestore for departments.


Service NameStandard Performance StorageFast SSD storage
Network Based Storage
Minimum allocation1 TB1 TB
Data stored at single location or 2 locations1 location1 location
Frequency of data replication between sitesN/AN/A
Availability level  
Snapshot Recovery Periodupto 28 daysupto 28 days
Snapshot capacity restriction15%15%
Data immediately accessible (yes/no)YY
SMB accessYY
NFS v3 accessNN
NFS v4 accessYY
Kerberised NFS accessYY
Custom permissions (yes/no)NN
Self-Encrypting DrivesYY
Minimum commitment period3 Years3 years
Life cycle10 years10 years
Price£50 per/TB yr£600 per TB/yr

Additional options are being worked on as part of the Research IT Strategy.


Further Details

Accessing files

Capacity, Commitment & Payment

File Recovery

We store changes you apply to your data in a daily snapshot. This allows us to recover a copy of your data as it looked when the snapshot was taken. Daily snapshots cover up to the last 28 days.

Please Note: We provide extra capacity to store snapshots – limited to an additional 15% of the capacity you requested. If you regularly modify large quantities of data then we contact you to discuss purchasing additional storage capacity.

The Lifecycle of Network Storage

When your storage enters the last 12 months of its funded cycle we will begin to send reminders out at the following intervals.

Later reminders will be sent to school and faculty management as well as to the requester of the storage. If you have not responded and no agreement has been made to extend the use of your storage before the end of the paid period, then access to the storage will be prevented for 1 month, following this any data on the storage will be permanently and irreversibly deleted; there will be NO possibility of the data being restored or accessed again.

How To Apply

Please fill in the "Network Storage" form found under Related Requests.