Replacing a Konica waste toner box

When the waste toner box of a Konica device becomes full a notification will appear on-screen. 

Fitting a new waste toner box

Staff should only remove the waste toner box when the 'full' notification is displayed.

Remove the new waste toner box from its packaging, unclipping the blue plastic cap and any bits of tape or polystyrene - keep all the packaging.

Lower the front panel of the printer. If the printer has two flaps the waste toner box will be behind the lower flap.

Pull apart the blue clips on either side of the waste toner box to release it, then pull it towards you.

IMPORTANT : Keep the waste toner box upright to avoid spilling toner over you or the floor.

Using the packaging from the new waste toner box - clip the blue plastic cap onto the full waste toner box, slip it into the black bag and then into the cardboard box ready for disposal.

Push the new waste toner box into place until both blue clips 'click'.

Close the front panel, the notification will then disappear from the screen, and the device will be ready to use.

The full waste toner box can be put in the nearest toner recycling box.

Toner Spills

If there is toner dust in the air please leave the area immediately to avoid breathing the dust.

If toner is spilt on the floor please report this to Estates Helpdesk (x35555) so a cleaner can attend. Place paper over the spilt toner to stop it getting tracked across the floor.

If toner is spilt inside the printer this can cause print quality issues. Contact IT Service Desk so a Konica service engineer can attend to clean the printer. Please include the Device Name (starts PS) or Equipment Number (starts 18) from the label on the front of the printer.

Toner can be washed off hands and clothes with cold water.