What is it?

Minitab is a data analysis software package. The software is available to all members of the University of Leeds for academic use.

Where is it available?

Minitab Desktop is available on Windows computers. Minitab Online is available on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Minitab Desktop can be accessed from the following locations:

Mac and Linux users will need to use the Minitab Online version. This can be accessed via the following link:

The software is licensed using named-user licensing, and you will need to be allocated a Minitab user account. You can request access by logging an "Access to Minitab" request- see related request.

Individual or group access requests can be logged via the Minitab access request form. A group request can be logged by a member of staff, to allocate Minitab licences to a cohort of students who will be using the software during their studies.

Once access to Minitab has been granted, this will be retained until you leave the University, as long as the current licence arrangement continues.

Further information and support

Information about previous versions of Minitab (versions 19 and under)

The named-user licensing method of accessing Minitab is only available on versions 20 and later. If you have an earlier, locally installed version of Minitab on your device, this will not work with named-user licensing and you will need to use the version available via AppsAnywhere.

We do not have access to Minitab licence files to activate older versions of the software.

Minitab Support

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