What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration software application, providing instant messaging, video and audio calling, meetings and file-sharing capabilities. 


What is Microsoft Teams?

The Microsoft Teams application is a useful collaboration and video conferencing platform that helps individuals and groups work together more effectively, whether on campus or working remotely. Microsoft Teams enables effective team work, with convenient ways to hold conversations about current progress.

What do I use it for?

Teams allows you to work more effectively as a team, offering a convenient way to share files with your colleagues and peers, while providing the ability to hold conversations via instant messaging. You can also organise your conversations and files into different topic areas called 'Channels'. Teams also allows you to host meetings and invite external collaborators to join your Team. 

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Who is it available for?

Microsoft Teams is available to all University staff and students.

How do I access it?

You can access Microsoft Teams via:

If you have a University owned and managed device you can install the desktop client from the software centre. For further information please see this article

How do I get a new Team created?

Staff who need a Team which is not related to Minerva can request a new Team by using the 'create a new Microsoft Team' self service request form.

For instructions on how to create a Class Team in Minerva, please follow the guidance linked: Create and activate Class Teams in Minerva – Staff Guide

Students cannot request a new Team. This must be done by a member of staff or research postgraduate. However, students can set up their own chat groups.


Microsoft are delivering online Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams which are free to attend. Microsoft Teams Video Training also provides a handy training guidance, in an easy to follow visual format.

Microsoft Teams training is also available via LinkedIn Learning, and is free to access for all staff and students. 

The IT Training unit is also making some 'Introduction to Microsoft Teams workshops' available for staff. To secure your space on a workshop, please book via the OD&PL Website.

Microsoft Teams for Education

With 'Microsoft Teams for Education' you can create a collaborative classroom and connect with your students and colleagues

Please see the attachments on the right-hand side for further guidance.

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