A tool to record application errors on your desktop

The Steps Recorder is part of the Windows operating system suite of applications. It can be used to capture issues you might be experiencing on your computer. When you record your issue, screenshots will be created to allow IT support staff to diagnose the issue more quickly.

Using the Steps Recorder

**Note: Before using the Steps Recorder on your computer please ensure that you don’t have any confidential information visible on the screen, as the Steps Recorder will also capture this.

 1. Click the Windows start button and type step.

  2. Click onto the Steps Recorder program and the following screen should appear:

Step Recorder window showing Start Record button

 3. Click Start Record.

 4. Go through the steps on your computer to reproduce the problem. It will record every time you click. To pause the recording click the pause button at any time. 

 5. Click Stop Record to stop recording. 

 6. A screen showing the recorded steps will appear. Click save and save the recorded zip file onto your desktop.

Submit the zip file to IT

7. Search for "Something Broken" or use the related links provided. From here fill in the form detailing the issue you are experiencing. When you have provided all of the information required, click the add attachments option option found at the bottom of the form, navigate to where you have saved your screen recording and attach it.

8. Click the Submit box, to send the ticket and recording to IT.