The MyPrint portal

The MyPrint portal lets you view your MyPrint balance & transaction history. You can use the portal to add credit or upload documents for printing.

Log in to with your university username and password.


Here you can view your Free and Purchased balances.

 Summary Section

Any credits you buy will be added to the Purchased balance.

Credits issued by the university will be added to the Free balance, and these will be used before your Purchased credits.

If you are a member of staff your Free balance will start at 0, and become negative as you use MyPrint.

Redeem Card

If you have been given a code for free MyPrint credits you can redeem the code in this section.

Transaction History

Here you can see all the copying, scanning and printing you have done at the printers.

At the bottom of the page there is an export option, which you can use if you need to produce a report of your costs.

Transaction History

Recent Print Jobs

This lists all the printing you have done. You can see documents that you cancelled, and any that expired because they weren't collected within 24 hours.

Recent Print Jobs 

Jobs Pending Release

Here you can see all the documents that are ready to be collected at a printer. You can cancel documents if you no longer need them (you can also do this at the printer.)

Web Print

You can upload documents for printing here. Documents you upload will be printed on A4, but you can choose whether your work is printed 1-sided or 2-sided, in colour or grayscale.

Screenshot of Web Print options

Add Credit

Here you can use a card to purchase credits, and there is a link to our Refund Policy - only add credits you are likely to use.

IT Self Service

This is a link to the IT Self Service Portal, where you can submit requests, report problems, and find help and documentation.

Environmental Impact

See the environmental impact of your printing in easily understood terms.